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Values of HRB
  •   Integrity-based:  To provide customers with high-quality products and services, abide by laws and business ethics, treat employees sincerely, and treat the company honestly.  
  •   Encourage employees to:  Employees will be encouraged and commended for their innovation, technological research, performance, courage to take risks and responsibilities, and inheritance and assistance.  
  •   Focus on performance:  Responsible for work results, meeting customer needs, emphasizing work efficiency, and taking responsibility for one's own quality.  
  •   Support for reform:  Proactively facing, innovating, continuously improving work processes and methods, self-learning and cultivating oneself, making progress a little every day.  
  •   Efficient team:  Team goals and overall effectiveness, democratic dedication, mutual support, adherence to discipline, emphasis on work methods and processes, and trust in others.  
  •   Diversity and tolerance:  Hongru's team respects diverse cultural backgrounds and personal beliefs, advocates a tolerant and harmonious work atmosphere, and creates a suitable working and living environment for employees.